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Bach For All is an international music festival devoted to the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach’s major and lesser known works will be presented by some of the most renowned Baroque music performers from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The program includes selected oratorios, piano pieces and organ fugue. Also featuring concertos for violin, oboe and a cantata for mixed choir, there is something for everyone.

The festival will take place in several majestic venues throughout the city, serving as a worthy backdrop by the music that will fill their walls. We have even gained permission to open restricted venues, usually inaccessible to the public. The festival is taking place under patronage of Prague’s archbishop Dominika Cardinal Duka OP, mayor of district Prague 1 and Czech Ministry of Culture.


List of upcoming events coming soon.


Il Cuore Barocco
Edita Keglerová
Ensemble Tourbillon
Petr Wagner
Ensembl Berlin-Prag
Petr Čech



With gratitude and respect, we would like to thank everyone who has decided to support our festival.

The dramaturgy of the festival Bach for All is committed to respecting the highest interpretational demands in order to convey the immeasurable value of the spiritual music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In order to guarantee all of these attributes, the festival organisers have referred to other enthusiasts of this extraordinarily music style. Bach was a musical genius, in all senses of the word. Bach crowned the bequest of the baroque era and, using the art of polyphony, opened new possibilities for the following century. Bach’s musical testimony is penetrating, emotional, clear and full of spiritual strength. It contains an unearthly dimension, however is not lacking humility and human simplicity and faith. The kind of music is inexhaustible.

If you would like to support us, we would be honored to add you to our list of patrons. You will receive tickets and invitations to closed meetings with the organizers and artists. We are going to help make your idea for Bach for All come truth.

For additional information on how to become a patron member of the festival, Bach for All, please contact the director of the festival Jakub Kubicek.


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Project director

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Project coordinator

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